Did you receive a letter?

Did you receive a letter from your GP, pharmacy, patient association or medical specialist about the Urimon study? Read about the methods of the Urimon study below or click here for more information or to register yourself.

Participating in the Urimon study

Participation in the Urimon study involves completing a short questionnaire about your current health periodically. In addition, you will hand in a urine container with morning urine periodically at a participating blood collection centre or using the designated return box at a PostNL point of your choice. Participation lasts for 2 years, after this period you can extend your participation. You can read the detailed procedure of the study below.

Participating in the Urimon study is free of charge. The costs of processing your material at the laboratory will not be deducted from your deductible.

Would you like to take part in the Urimon study? Click here to request more information or to register yourself.

Would you like to get involved as a GP, pharmacist, patient association or medical specialist? Then leave a message via the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Urimon, a new form of health monitoring in primary care

Step 1:
If you are in a stable health condition and are between 45 and 75 years of age or if you have a higher risk of certain diseases and are between 30 and 75 years of age, you can participate in the Urimon study. You can register for this at www.urimon.nl/en/register. You will then receive an e-mail with an information letter and the informed consent forms. Once you have read all the information and decide to participate in the study, you will digitally complete the informed consent forms and digitally sign both documents. You can also print and sign the consent forms from the email and then send them to Stibion via email or regular mail.

Step 2:
After signing both informed consent forms, you will fill in your address. To this address we will send the starter kit with the first urine container. You will also fill in your GP information and create a username and password. You will automatically proceed to and complete the first questionnaire afterwards.

Step 3:
Fill the container with morning urine. Fill in the date of urine collection.
For further instructions on how to collect urine, see the document Instructions for collecting a urine sample.

Step 4:
You will complete a new questionnaire online every 4 months. You will receive reminders for this via email and text message each time you need to complete a questionnaire.
For those participants who live nearby a participating blood collection centre: Please hand in the container at the blood collection centre as soon as possible after filling it. You need to make an appointment for this. For more information on making an appointment click here. After handing in the container, you will immediately receive a new container that can be used in 4 months’ time.
For those participants who do NOT live near a participating blood collection centre: Put the container with the sticker on it in the designated return box and hand in the return box for free at a PostNL point nearby. We will send a new kit with a new urine container after 4 months.

Urimon cooperates with various GP practices, pharmacies, patient associations, laboratories and medical specialists/researchers in hospitals throughout the Netherlands. If your GP, pharmacy, patient association or medical specialist does not work together with Urimon, that is not a problem. You can still participate in the Urimon study! You will hand in your urine samples at a participating blood collection centre close to you. If you do not live nearby a participating blood collection centre, you can hand in your urine, in the designated return box, at a PostNL point of your choice.

The free Urimon app

Download the free Urimon app for your smart phone or tablet here. Through the Urimon app, you can easily and quickly fill in the questionnaire.